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Guaranteed Pips Automatic Trading Signals

Guaranteed pips subscription is the most popular and the most effective way to subscribe to the automatic trading signals. With profitable paid forex signals, you have to be confident in obtaining the results you pay for. With the Guaranteed Pips subscription, you get exactly what you expect to receive from trading on the forex market. We provide clear and simple information including exact entry/exit prices, stop loss and take profit levels. Get acquainted with the examples of trading signals here. We work with the most profitable and the most predictable currency pairs: GBPUSD, GBPJPY, GBPAUD, XAUUSD, GBPCHF, and GBPCAD. The list of available currency pairs may be found here.

Based on your demands, alerts may be sent via Email and SMS. Automatic trading is available for any metatrader account (MT4 / MT5), a live or a demo account. To read more about automatic trading follow this link. Once an alert is sent, it is published on your personal page with the GuaranteedPips website.

Logo Live Results

All trading results are instantly added to the website once a trade is closed. The detailed results are available for every traded currency pair. Check the overall monthly results, detailed statistics of trading and every trade reports. Trading results are verified by a third-party website. Detailed information is available on the results page. All pairs are grouped into the Prime signals set. The overall monthly chart is available below. For the detailed results of trading, please click the following link.
All available results include spreads and slippages (commissions are not included). It is recommended to use ECN, True ECN, Zero spread accounts to get the same results. The money and risk management information is available on the recommended deposit page). For your convenience, each alert and each trade are provided with unique numbers for easy analysis.

The Most Profitable Signals in 2020
GBPCAD 124 pips 6.2%
GBPAUD 34 pips 2.3%
Prime -60 pips -4%
GBPCHF -107 pips -7.1%
GBPJPY -111 pips -7.9%

LogoAutomatic Trading and Delivery Options

Automatic trading without any doubt is the most popular and the most convenient way to trades the forex signals we offer. All alerts are executed within a fraction of a second directly on your trading account. No need to leave your PC working, no need to interrupt your every-day life. Everything will be executed due on time without any delays. You set the desired levels of trading (risk trading, lot trading). Please note: all trading decisions are made by professional human traders. Please read more about automatic trading here.

Once a signal is made, we publish it on your personal page with our website. Email / SMS alerts are sent based on your requirements. To check how currency alerts look like, please visit the examples of the signals page.

LogoPrices and Subscription Options

The most efficient and most popular subscription option is the guaranteed pips subscription. Click here to read more about the guaranteed pips. If you are looking for a conventional period based subscription (1-12 months), we are happy to offer you one. You may buy the Expert Advisor (EA) software generating signals and make profits for as long as you need. Either subscription type you choose, you will receive prime forex signals with automatic trading, free non-managed VPS, Email and Web alerts. Subscription prices are available here. For an additional charge you may get SMS alerts.

The Most Popular Subscription Options
500 guaranteed pips $475
Prime set $95 a month
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The Questions and Answers section is available round the clock with the answers to the most popular questions. Click to visit the questions and answers page. If you require an online representative, click the live chat link on the top of any page.