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Currency Pairs

Further, you will find the list of currency pairs available for subscription. To offer the profitable forex signals, we have to provide alerts for currency pairs with good levels of prediction. As you will find, GBP is the most often currency used. We are not trying to offer alerts to all popular currency pairs such as EURUSD, USDJPY, etc. Our target is profit. Moreover, it is absolutely no difference which currency pair you trade to make the best possible profit. Expert market intelligence is what we do here. Our traders analyse the market using the most efficient tools and indicators. Some are very well-known and are widely used among forex traders such as RSI, ADX. Some indicators are developed by our traders to get early indications of price movements. For one currency pair, we offer only one position at a time (you may trade with our signals if you have to comply with FIFO rules for example). In most cases, signals come with SL / TP levels. We only use one SL and one TP level. No hidden levels, no hidden targets.

Our signals are for immediate execution once you receive it. We do not use pending orders. As soon as you receive a signal, place a trade with corresponding details. You may check examples of signals sent here.

LogoAvailable Currency Pairs

All available currency pairs are listed within the table below. The first row is the group of all pairs together (Prime group). You may check an average monthly profit; the maximum drawdown received so far; an average number of trades a month. If you would like to read about any pair in detail, please click the corresponding link. For each pair and for the group of pairs, there is a page with detailed statistics, trading results charts, and every trade report. We are constantly monitoring the forex market searching for new pairs to trade.

Available Currency Pairs
Currency pair Profit a month Drawdown Trades a month Detailed results
Prime 819 pips -704 pips 292 trades view detailed results
GBPJPY 200 pips -357 pips 45 trades view detailed results
GBPAUD 158 pips -247 pips 69 trades view detailed results
GBPCHF 118 pips -347 pips 60 trades view detailed results
GBPCAD -103 pips -429 pips 35 trades view detailed results