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Guaranteed Pips Subscription

The guaranteed pips subscription is the unique type of subscription. You pay for the net profit directly on your trading account. Guaranteed pips provide you with the fair and efficient subscription. Your subscription remains active until you make the net profits (considering slippage, spreads) in your trading account. Alternatively, you may call this subscription as pay for profits. What is a pip? A pip used in calculations is a change of a price for pairs like GBPUSD for 0.0001, a change of a price by 0.01 for GBPJPY pair and similar and a change of a price for 0.1 for the XAUUSD (GOLD) currency pair.

LogoHow it works?

The guaranteed pips subscription does not liaise with time in any manner. Whilst with a monthly subscription you buy a period of use, with the guaranteed pips subscription, you buy profits on your account. These profits are provided regardless of any period. It may take a week to provide all the profits you paid for or several months. Your subscription remains active while you have a balance of pips above zero.

On the right side, you may find an example of pips calculation. When we make a profit, the same amount of pips we made a profit for is deducted from your balance of pips. In case we make a loss, the same amount of pips is added to your balance of pips. Therefore, we will provide the net profits directly on your account. If there are any discrepancies between our results and the results of your accounts, we will update a balance to reflect your real profits. Once your balance of pips goes below zero, your subscription is completed.

Please note: guaranteed pips subscription is not the guaranteed profits subscription. We do not guarantee any profits within a certain period. Guaranteed pips guarantee your subscription remains active until you make the net profit.

Balance of Pips Example
Trade ID Result Balance
Suppose, you have bought 300 guaranteed pips.
Trade 1 +20 pips 280 (300-20)pips
Trade 2 -17 pips 297 (280 + 17) pips
Trade 3 -18 pis 315 ( 297 + 18) pips
Trade 4 +23 pips 292 (315 - 23) pips
Subscription and calculation continue while you have more than 0 pips.

How much profit will I receive?

One pip money value varies depending on a currency pair we are trading with. In general, one pip equals one unit of a second pair within a currency pair multiplied by a number of opened lots. For example, for pairs like GBPUSD, one pip is one dollar. For currency pairs like GBPJPY, one pip is one yen. A standard lot is 100,000 units of the first currency within a currency pair. For pairs like GBPUSD, you buy or sell GBP for USD. A change of price for 0.0001 and trading with a standard lot (100,000 units) or 1.0 lot makes a $10 difference. E.g. we buy 100,000 GBPUSD at 1.2345. So we need to spend 123,450 dollars to buy 100,000 pounds. When a price goes up to 1.2346 we sell (close a position). We receive 123,460 dollars. The profit is $10. That is the value of 1 pip (0.0001) if traded 1.0 lot for GBPUSD currency pair. If you trade 0.4 lots, then a profit for 1 pip would be $4. The more lots you open, the higher the profit you receive.

The final profit depends on the number of lots you open. In general, the more lots you open, the more profit you receive. However, opening too many lots may lead to higher risk exposure. Please follow the recommended deposit levels to find the most appropriate levels of deposits.

Guaranteed Pips Benefits

Trade with any currency pair

You may trade with one, several or all available currency pairs. You may choose any you prefer. There are no limitations or requirements. The results of other currency pairs won’t influence the balance of your pips.

Any open lot amount

Regardless of the size of your trading deposit and a number of lots you open, your balance of pips is calculated the same. If we make a 25 pips trade, your balance of pips is affected only by 25 pips (even if you made $25 profit or $2,500). The higher your deposit is, the less you pay for every dollar you make.

Subscription expiration

Guaranteed pips you buy are timeless. You may suspend trading at any time. Your subscription remains active while you have more than one pip on your account. Guaranteed pips do not expire.