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GuaranteedPips Profit Calculator

With the help of the profit calculator tool, you will find the most efficient lot size. Comparing past trading results with different lot types and sizes will help you choose the best type of lot and optimal size for opening. An average monthly profit and the maximum drawdown are available for each signal and the group of signals.

You may combine several currency pairs to find the most profitable combination of signals. The resulting report includes overall performance, the maximum drawdown in pips and percentage to a deposit, the trading results charts, every-trade report. We use the three types of lots: basic, flexible and risk. Most reports show a comparison table and chart for these types of lots.

How to use this tool?
Step 1. There are two types of reports: Basic or Advanced. The Basic type offers a comparison between the three types of trading lots. While the Advanced allows you to choose an individual type lot for each pair. Choose a currency pair or currency pairs to generate a report for. Set initial deposit level and a period of the report.
Step 2Select the Premier group or a currency pair you would like to check. Each pair is provided with an Average Monthly Profit (AMP) value in pips and the Maximum Drawdown in pips (DD). Choose the types and sizes of lots to each pair. Within the advanced mode, you may define it individually. With the basic type, you set one type of the trading lot to all chosen pairs.
Step 3. Click the "Generate Report" button to view the results. Repeat these steps as many times as you require to find the most appropriate signals and / or the most efficient lot types and values.

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