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Trading Signals Recommended Deposits

Efficient risk management is extremely crucial in trading. Trading on the forex always generates both profits and losses. Moreover, as all retail clients use leverage when trading with brokers, it is very important to maintain an acceptable level of possible risks. The recommended levels offered here provide a balance between safe trading and high profits. Our traders have been trading for many years. If you risk too much, there is a real chance to devastate your account completely. On the other hand, should your risk be too low, your relative results will be very low.

LogoRisk Management Overview

For every offered currency pair (and for the group of pairs Prime), we provide the recommended deposit level. What does it mean? The money allocation shows how much money it is recommended to have in order to open 0.1 standard lot (10,000) units. We prefer to use a leverage of 12:1. It means you may open a full standard lot having only $8,000 on your deposit or you may open 0.1 lot with only $800. Why it is important to follow the recommended levels of deposits? When we trade, we make both profitable and loss trades. If we make a profitable trade, then your account increases, there is no risk. In case we make a loss or even a series of loss trade, then your account value drops. The maximum reduction of an account is called a drawdown. To withstand such losses and to lose only a part of your account (10-30% as max), you need to have some capital allowing such losses and meeting margin requirements by your broker. Please note: there is no obligation or requirement to follow the recommended levels of deposit. The provided levels are for informational purposes only.

Use the following legend to understand the values: MDD - the maximum drawdown in pips and in percentage to a deposit; RRL - recommended deposit to trade 0.1 lot; MPL - the lowest recommended deposit to trade 0.1 lot. MED - maximum expected drawdown level considering reasonable with a currency pair.

The Recommended Levels of Deposit
Currency pair MDD* pips / % RRL* in USD MPL* in USD MED* in Pips
Prime -465 pips / -27.4% $1700 for 0.1 lot each pair $1500 for 0.1 lot each pair 750 pips
GBPAUD -505 pips / -31.6% $1600 for 0.1 lot $1400 for 0.1 lot trading 650 pips
GBPJPY -286 pips / -20.4% $1400 for 0.1 lot $1200 for 0.1 lot trading 500 pips
GOLD -205 pips / -20.5% $1000 for 0.1 lot $900 for 0.1 lot trading 400 pips
GBPUSD -338 pips / -26% $1300 for 0.1 lot $1100 for 0.1 lot trading 500 pips
USDCAD -153 pips / -17% $900 for 0.1 lot $800 for 0.1 lot trading 450 pips
USDCHF -217 pips / -22.8% $950 for 0.1 lot $850 for 0.1 lot trading 400 pips

Please note: the available figures and recommended levels are not final. The recommended deposit levels, levels of drawdown and other indicators may change over time.