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Currency Pairs Trading Results

All results include spread and slippage based on ECN trading accounts with $0.7 commission for every 0.1 lot. It is recommended to have a similar type of trading account to reach the same results. Below you will find the overall information for the current month with the latest trades.

January-2020 Live Results . Total profit: -74 pips. Total trades: 58 trades . Drawdown: -370 pips
The most recent trades: EA GBPCAD -19 pips 24 Jan 20 19:00; EA GBPCHF 8 pips 24 Jan 20 19:00; EA GBPCHF -41 pips 24 Jan 20 15:45; EA GBPCAD -40 pips 24 Jan 20 15:45;

LogoOverall Monthly Results

The table below includes only eight recent months of trading. To view older results, please click on a currency pair title. Every result within a table is a link to a detailed every-trade report. To check all signals traded together, please visit the Prime group (all pairs together). January-2020 results are updated on an hourly basis and are not final until the end of the month. Trading is done by Signalator traders and EA trading robots. GuaranteedPips offers the most profitable and most efficient currency pairs. If you are interested in other currencies and commodities (Gold, Oil, EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc.), please refer to Signalator website

The Trading Results
Currency pair Jan-2020Dec-2019Nov-2019Oct-2019Sep-2019Aug-2019Jul-2019Jun-2019May-2019Apr-2019
PRIME -74 pips 67 pips 73 pips 793 pips 82 pips 895 pips 1130 pips 569 pips 1152 pips -32 pips
GBP JPY -155 pips 185 pips 11 pips 309 pips 90 pips 308 pips 502 pips 245 pips 602 pips -61 pips
GBP CHF -90 pips 35 pips 81 pips 232 pips 80 pips 198 pips 288 pips 88 pips 423 pips -127 pips
GBP AUD 0 pips 120 pips 6 pips 252 pips -88 pips 389 pips 340 pips 236 pips 127 pips 156 pips
GBP CAD 171 pips -273 pips -25 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips 0 pips

LogoPrime Group and Currency Pairs Overall Results