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GBPJPY Currency Pair Detailed Result Page

Overall Results
Average Profit a Month
163 pips
Total Profit
2263 pips
Max Drawdown
-286 pips
Win Ratio
Profit / Loss Months
12 // 2 months
Total Profit / Loss
5109 pips / -2846 pips
Profit / Loss Trades
128 trades // 94 trades
Best / Worst Month
422 pips // -82 pips
Recommended deposit
1400 / 0.1 lot
TP Level
60-100 pips
SL Level
40-70 pips

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GBPJPY signal is a cross pair for GBP and JPY. Both currencies are very volatile making GBPJPY extremely volatile. Very high price volatility. Short / medium term signal with high profits. GBP and JPY trading results may be very volatile.

Our traders use a wide list of tools to make decisions on when to enter and exit the market. Complex analysis methods including technical analysis indicators, economic news, candlesticks patterns and many more are used to get the most efficient trades. All relative results (profit in percentage to a deposit, maximum drawdown levels) are based on the recommended deposits levels.

Signals and alerts are available for SMS / Email instant notifications. Automatic execution is available for any MT4 / MT5 (metatrader account).

You may subscribe to the GBPJPY signal as a single-currency subscription or as a part of Prime group. You may use the guaranteed pips balance to trade with the GBPJPY signal forex.

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