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Average Profit a Month
3.3% (49 pips)
Total Profit
108.2% (1623 pips)
Max Drawdown
-30% (-449 pips)
Win Ratio
Profit / Loss Months
17 // 16 months
Total Profit / Loss
13021 pips / -11398 pips
Profit / Loss Trades
440 trades // 417 trades
Best / Worst Month
535 pips // -171 pips
Recommended deposit
1500 / 0.1 lot
TP Level
50-60 pips
SL Level
30-60 pips

GBPJPY Currency Pair Detailed Result Page

GBPJPY Trading Signal is offered for one of the most traded and popular currency pair - GBPJPY. High daily price movements. Short-term intraday trading. A low number of operations. Efficient trading based on trend-reversal and counter-trend trading with major forex indicators and in-house analysis tools used. Every position always includes one TP level and one SL level. Straightforward and simple currency trading recommendations.

All relative results (profit in percentage to a deposit, maximum drawdown levels) are based on the recommended deposits levels. All results are verified. Contact us for details. Signals and alerts are available for SMS / Email instant notifications. Automatic execution is available for any MT4 / MT5 (metatrader account). GBPJPY signal is available for a subscription on a monthly basis (1-12 months) as a single-currency subscription or as a part of Absolute group . You may use the guaranteed pips balance to trade with the GBPJPY signal forex.

If you would like to check every trade results, please click on any month's result to load a page (detailed information with each trade, overall results and a chart will be loaded).